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For those of you that don't have a clue, my parents chose to name me after the gem commonly known as Cat's Eye (after 2 weeks without a name!). Naturally, it is among the world's rarest gems and is also Greek for gold (which, of course, I am). Well, after 2 weeks they'd better have come up with a good name! ;-) Of course, we shouldn't give them too much credit, they didn't know most of this at the time, but my eyes change colors that closely resemble this gem, hence the name. Of course, my parents are too lazy to call me this all the time, my nickname is Chrys.

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Unfortunately, my parents have found yet another method of torture. It is a frustrating ball with a hole in it that I have to roll around to get my meals. It takes me forever to eat and the last few are so hard to get out that I sometimes leave them in there. I don't see why it is so important for me to maintain my figure!

I am now completely switched to Eukanuba and bottled water (our tap water pH is too high for delicate cat urinary tracts). Even though I get less than two thirds the volume that I used to get, it tastes so good it is worth it and I've hardly noticed. So far, no urinary tract problems!

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My humans adopted me when I was about 8 weeks old (check out my baby pictures!) from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, I was innocently sleeping in my litter box at the time (clean, of course), trying to look as needy as possible. The shelter staff warned them that I was part Siamese, but, luckily, they did not heed it. For now I do not feel guilty when I am loud, obnoxious, and generally demanding attention (on my terms, of course).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Animal Rescue League of Boston for placing me with these well meaning people, besides having to put up with brushing, nail trimming, vet visits, not enough food (though they seem to think so) and being shut up inside, they're pretty cool. I have tons of toys, furniture, and kitty clothes and jewelry that I wear while walking on my leash. They even take me to see my girlfriend (at my maternal grandma's house), Megzy - she's from the Greenfield Area Animal Shelter, and bring me with them to cat friendly Bed & Breakfasts when they go on vacation. You had a pawsitively pawerfull effect on my life, Thanks for the lift!

As I mentioned earlier, I do already have a girlfriend and am not the cheating kind, but if anyone has another reason to write, feel free!