Last updated on February 23, 1999.


Hoofprints in sand - Found at HorseNet is no longer available for personal use, please remove it from your web pages.

Western background - Designed by FlennikenComputer Design
for Flenniken Quarter Horses


Contemperary horse background - created by Equine Designs


Dressage - Found at Equine Elites Ltd.

Arabian background - donated by Amber Dawn

Mare and foal - Found at Black Horse Ranch

Racer - Found at Horsetrak

Cantering horse

Trotting - Found at Glenroy's Equestrian Gifts - Created by Debbie Kurth, permission to use granted

Horse - Found at Rockin R Ranch

Trotting horse


Trotting horse - Found at Maxwell Arabians

Foal - Found at SunKing Farms

Peruvian Paso - Found at ERB Ranch

Cantering horse - Found at Lost Creek Thoroughbred Farm


Cantering horse


Cartoon horse backgrounds - Donated by Graphics by Caitlin

jumper backgrounds created with free clip art by

Jumping background - Donated by
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Please ask Nick Beitner before using them.

Jumping horse - Found at Over the Rainbow

Walking horse background - created by Lady's Stall

Cattle drive background - donated by Steve Sloan created for the Hico, TX events page.

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