Last updated on August 21, 1997.

Fictional horses

Cartoon horses - Donated by Graphics by Caitlin
Check out the other colors available!

Chestnut - donated by 3F's Webfarm
More backgrounds and images available!

Cartoon horse - Found at Garret's Arabians

Cartoon rider - Found at the Clip Art Collection

Pony - recolored by Bria Brown

Horse on computer screen - Found at Horsetrak

Cartoon dismount - Found at the HorseBarn

Cartoon cowgirl
- Designed by Flenniken Computer Design
for Flenniken Quarter Horses

Equine professor - Found at Equine Elites Ltd.

Horse reading paper - Found at Equine Elites Ltd.

Business horse - Found at Equine Elites Ltd.

Carosel horse head

Carosel horse head - Donated by Baltimore Horse Creations
Additional, larger images are available through Baltimore Horse Creations

Pegasis - Found at Flying Horse Farm

Cartoon horse head - donated by The Rider's Network - please ask permission before use

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