Last updated on January 18, 1998.

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Right mouse click on the image, then choose the "Save as.." option from the menu.

Putting images on your web pages

<IMG SRC="filename">
To set an image as background wallpaper replace your <BODY> tag with:
<BODY BACKGROUND="filename">
Never use a my URL or that of the image creators for a filename. You must download the image as stated above and save it on your computer, then send the image file with hour HTML file to your web server.
Keep in mind you may always view the source code of a web page, so you can find out "How did they do that?"
For HTML tips check out this site:

Make sure you send the image file with your web page to your web server. This can be done using an FTP program. A popular shareware FTP program, WS FTP, is available at, just search for FTP.

Good luck and have fun!

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