It seems it takes a major life change for me to actually update this webpage these days, so it shouldn't surprise any of you that this time I have two: a new job and a new horse. NetManage up and laid us all off (YEAH - severence = long vacation :-) so I have relocated closer to home at Kana Communications. It is so nice to be somewhere that lives and breathes Java rather than having to scream it at the top of your lungs to get anyone to listen. The team is fabulous, I couldn't be happier. The job hunt was great though, nothing like a little ego boost, the job market is amazing.

My new addition is a two and one half year old Anglo-Trakehner gelding by Lacrosse's half brother, Lenzsturm. He has the great temperment typical of the Lenzsturm get, much quieter than Lacrosse in general, though he still has some youth in him. Although I'm going to try to stay off his back until next fall, we are going full blast with clicker training and making excellent progress. I am very excited to have a youngster that I can start clicker training from the ground up and am curious to see how different it will be to back a horse that has already done a lot of in hand work. With any luck he will start serious work about the time Lacrosse is ready for early retirement since I don't have time to keep two in steady work.

Lately, my life has pretty much exclusively revolved around work and riding. Serg and I are still commuting together so I have a rather long day at work, but I still make the time to trailer over to my instructor's mother's new indoor. Between her being so much closer than the place I trailered to last year and my new trailer set up, I have shaved an hour off of my total trip time. It still takes at least 2 1/2 hours, but Lacrosse is still progressing at an amazing rate so it is easy to psych myself up to go. She positively has a heart of gold and continues to amaze me on a regular basis. I have been showering her with Treatwell's, lots of praise, and the best blankets money can buy to show her my appreciation.


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